Who is the 1?

Your Neighbourhood is Your Business

The Platform to Serve your Neighbourhood

"What I saw after the CMCO, with stacks of furniture inside the restaurant and the whole place robbed of a delightful dining experience, is depressing. We're not born from this pandemic but we realized we need to hasten this simple platform to ensure small F&B owners do not collapsed from the inability to sell to their community without paying an arm and a leg in commissions. Not only will they (the owner) suffer when delivery commissions eat into their margins but so will the customers."

What does isthe1.com do?

A tastefully designed template based e-commerce platform for you to sell up to 12 of your best products from your  menu to your neighbourhood and community.  It primarily focuses on takeaway, self-pickup and for you to do your own neighbourhood delivery (you can engage your own delivery directly; saving you on margin).

Why 12 items?

After we spoke with experts and studied the F&B impact from the Coronavirus, it is our recommendation that owners focus back on their bestsellers rather than listing all items just to fill a menu.  Gravitate towards your popular and easy packing food for homes are proven winners.

How much does it cost to set-up and how fast can it go live?

This is a minimum 3 months subscription platform.  You can cancel after that.  We also hope that after 3 months, your restaurant gets back into some normalcy for dine-customers too.   

  • It cost RM50 (one-time for set-up) and RM30 for the first month.  Total RM80.00.
  • 2nd month – RM40
  • 3rd month – RM50 (capped)

We expect your business to grow as the weeks progress.  That is why the monthly subscription fee increases. We do not take any commission.  We want you to succeed with every meal you serve to the community.

If you have your food photos, pricing, description and payment gateway done, it will take a day to go live.  We will recommend you the payment gateway that you can sign-up for free to receive payments.

Why do we want you to succeed?

The founder, being a technologist, has a story behind.  When he was small in the 1980s, his late grandparents used to own a kopitiam behind the Kepong Wet Market.  So he knows how difficult it is for small business owners to survive to feed their own families and others at the same time.

What are the key features?

  1. Full SSL e-commerce capability
  2. Desktop and mobile compatible
  3. Online payment acceptance and notification
  4. Order tracking
  5. WhatsApp connect for customers to connect directly
  6. Social media sharing button
  7. Mobile app access available

Can I see a demo?

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