Help - Is He The One ?

Welcome to the ultimate test !

How do I take the test ?

Simple. Go to the homepage and click start. You will see a word or phrase and you have to select the answer that most reflects your feelings towards it. It's not that difficult but the results may change your whole life so think carefully.

What if I don't see an answer that I like ?

Just choose the closest one. If you are still unsure then guess. One incorrect answer won't make a huge amount of difference.

This is scary

Yes. Imagine, this one simple test might change the enture course of your life. It may be the difference between a house with a hot-tub or a flat without a balcony. Even more, it might be the difference between a white wedding and slightly grubby Las Vegas style one. That's all unlikely but it's possible.

How is the answer presented

Good question. We can see that nothing gets past you does it ! Well, simply as a percentage where 0% means you need to run away very quickly and 100% means that you will live together forever. It's as simple and as impossibly accurate as that.

I'm gay - will it work for me as well ?

It's not likely to be as accurate but we've been surprised by the results.

I don't agree with your answer

Ask your friends. Ask your family. It's very likely that they do. There's a number of reasons why he might not be the one and they don't always revolve around him. It's quite possible that it's also about you and maybe you aren't the person you thought you were. Have you asked yourself for example, am i cool ? because cool people get on better with other people. Perhaps.

Just A Bit Of Fun

Finally, it's important to understand that Is He The One is just a bit of fun. Only your cat will tell you whether he is really the one.

Enjoy the test !