About Is He The One ?

Yes. All about the Is He The One ?

What is this test ?

This website was designed purely and simply to provide the answer to one of life's most important questions - is he the one ? This website, alone, could be the deciding factor about whether you get married and live happily ever after or get married and end up divorced. It's that simple. Clearly, we aren't psychic and there's every chance that this website could be wrong. But why not take the test and, at the very least, you will know in ten years (or so) time.

Why should I want to know if he's the one ?

Are you joking ? Do you know how much weddings cost now ? This isn't just about your future and the happiness of you and your partner. This is about saving a lot of money getting married to the wrong person and then having to do it all over again. We are talking new cars here. Think about it.

What if I am already married ?

Too late. You can still take the test but, generally, once you are married then there's no saving you. It's all over.

I don't understand who I am ?

Well we sure aren't going to be able to help you. To know whether he is the one, you must first understand who you are. You must become you. Or something like that. A number of people that have taken the test found themselves in a life changing position. In fact, for example, some people realised with the help of a social class test, they were with the wrong sort of person anyway.

What should I do if I get a low percentage ?

We can't give you relationship advice and even if we did, you would be well advised not to listen. We would probably suggest that you talk to friends, neighbours, work colleagues and family and see what they say. Ask by saying something like 'Honestly, do you think he's the right person ?' and see where you get. Don't talk with your partner. They are biased.

I like this test, but I don't agree with the results.

Well at least we got 50% of things right.

Note ! This test is intended purely for fun