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Taking the 'Is He The One ?' test

Probably the most important questions any woman (or man) can ask herself (or himself) : 'Is He The One ?'. Well maybe not and it's quite possible that you will ask the question more than once. However, right here, right now, it's an important question.

So this is how you take the test. You simply click on the start button to get started. You will see 10 statements or words to which you have to pick the answer, from multiple choice, that is closest to how you feel right now. It's called word association and it allows scientists (like ourselves) to probe deep into your mind to find out how you really feel about your partner.

This test can be taken just by you and only you will see the results so be honest. If you would prefer there is a compatibility test which can be taken by two people.

It's fair to say that the test doesn't always work and it cannot always provide an answer to whether he really is the one or not. However, it's a guideline and it's probably more reliable that asking your friends or your Mum.

Note ! This test is intended purely for fun.
We take no responsibility for you marrying the wrong person.
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